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About our Leadership

Dr. Monica Grant is the President of Reocomm Technology Energy & Maritime Group (RTEM). Before starting RTEM, she ran a successful media firm that used media to advertise goods and services, while educating communities of color on wealth-building strategies. With a keen entrepreneurial mindset, Dr Grant is always searching for innovative ways to stand out in the market.

In 2018, she attended the NAB Show in New York, which opened her eyes to the endless possibilities of the media industry. There, she met a visionary who challenged her views on business and the role of media in wealth protection.

Inspired by the power of media to impact her community, President Grant joined forces with a team of experts to venture into the telecommunications sector. She believes that her unique understanding of her community's needs and the low representation of women of color in the field give her a competitive advantage in the market.

President Grant's entry into the telecom and security industry was driven by the sector's potential to drive change and growth. She honed her skills in cable crimping, camera installation, and internet networking and quickly built a loyal client base in her community. From there, she knew she had the potential to make a lasting impact on the industry and grow her business into a global enterprise.

Under President Grant's leadership and the hard work of the RTEM team, Reocomm Eyes, a security camera brand, was recently launched. President Grant wanted to bring a tangible symbol of security and prosperity to her community with her ambitious vision. President Grant and Chairman Dr. Raphael Ajalie are committed to making Reocomm Eyes the leading security brand in the market.

As an advocate for privacy and individual rights, President Grant acknowledges the growing significance of surveillance in today's world, and believes that participating in the industry is crucial to protect her community. Her mission is to empower women in the telecom industry through training and increased representation in the security sector, leading to stronger protection against crime and theft and a safer future for all.